Likely Award of a Geothermal License in Italy

Geotermica, which is a trade name of Renewable Ventures Nordic AB are in the process of revitalising a Geothermal energy project on the Eolian Islands in the Sicily region of Italy. The license for this project was initially applied for in 2011, but it was then awarded by the authorities to the competing company K Energy Srl. Lately the authorities in Sicily have ordered this license to be revocated, i.e. withdrawn. As being the second original applicant Geotermica has now come in the position for the award of the license. We are now preparing necessary legal action to enforce our application expecting to be able to sign the license during 2019. The work program will then start by exploring the geothermal energy resource, and involve a planned collaboration with local electricity companies in Sicily and the Eolian Islands. The project is targeting to supply current electricity consumption on the Eolian Island, with an installed geothermal production capacity of 4 MW.

Share Issue November 2018

Dear new and existing shareholder,

The board of Renewable Ventures Nordic has decided to implement a new share issue, starting on November 1. Terms and conditions can be found below. The issue is being made to continue broadening the investment portfolio. In 2019, the plan is to make the share tradable through listing on a trading list.

So far we have invested in the companies Mindconnect, GC Infra, Reliefed, Eco Etanol at Sweden and Soliga Energi. Mindconnect offers the services CityFlow and Eventico, with time and fuel-saving vehicle navigation as well as logistics for major events. GC Infra provides new smart services demanded to build the infrastructure for charging electric vehicles. Reliefed has patented innovation for industrial production, which provides significant savings in material and energy consumption. Eco Etanol at Sweden has developed a patented process for the treatment of legumes, which increases the possibility of using field bean as an alternative to imported soy protein. Soliga Energi offers the design and installation of small-scale PV systems.

During the summer and autumn we have evaluated several new opportunities which have given us the opportunity to enter some new companies. One has a unique e-commerce solution for rent, another is projecting and selling sustainable homes, while a third has developed a completely new and patented method for floating wind power. Capitalization will enable us to enter these companies and also follow-up investments in our existing companies.

Conditions for share issue in Renewable Ventures Nordic AB (publ):
Two (2) existing shares entitle to subscribe for one (1) new share.
Subscription price: SEK 2.00 per share.
Subscription period: November 1, 2018 through November 30, 2018.
Minimum subscription price: 2,000 shares, then any number of shares.
Number of shares per 2018-10-30: 5,600,000 pcs (pre-money valuation: SEK 11,200,000)
Scope of issue: 2,800,000 shares (maximum issue volume: SEK 5,600,000)

Welcome with your application!

Link for subscription form

Länk till teckningssedel

Link for Information memorandum

Johan Lundin

CEO |  Renewable Ventures Nordic AB (publ)

Mindconnect selected as finalist for E-Prize Cleantec Award

E-PRIZE is Sweden’s largest “clean-tech price” for the business sector, founded by Veckans affärer and E.ON. and celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this year.

Our portfolio company, Mindconnect is one of the 3 finalists within the “sustainable transport” category, among the most promising clean tech innovations in Sweden right now. The winner will be awarded at the Go Greentech conference in Stockholm on 11 October.

Link to a list of the finalist  (in Swedish) :

Call For General Assembly- Kallelse till bolagstämma

We are calling our share holders for the annual assembly to be held April 19 2018, 16:30,  at SUP 46, Regeringsgatan 19. Stockholm. Register before April 12 to participate at 

Vi kallar aktieägare till ordinarie bolagstämma den 19 April kl  16.30, SUP 46, Regeringsgatan 19 Stockholm. Anmälan skall göras till oss senast den 12 April på  

Länk till kallelsen

Reliefed Technologies receives funding from the Swedish Energy Agency


Funding from the Swedish Energy Agency granted for 3D-iExtrusion® projects enabling energy-efficient products/systems and production in new market segments. Press release in English: ...

Energimyndigheten har beviljat stöd på upp till 2,9 miljoner kronor till Reliefed Technologies för projekt avsett att främja kommersialiseringen i nya industrisegment av bolagets patenterade 3D-teknik - 3D-iExtrusion® för energieffektivare produktion och produkter.

Reliefed Technologies och bolagets patenterade 3D-iExtrusion® möjliggör nya design- och produktutvecklingslösningar samt kostnads- och energieffektiv 3D-massproduktion för produkter och applikationer. Möjligheten att utveckla energioptimerade 3D komponenter samtidigt som energi och materialanvändning reduceras i produktionsprocessen är parametrar som fått Energimyndigheten att bevilja stöd till Reliefed.

Stödet på 2,9 miljoner kronor kommer bland annat användas i projekt för utveckling, simulering, produktion och provning av komponenter för energieffektivisering av fasad- och fönstersystem, vilket öppnar för en mycket stor global marknad i både kalla och varma klimat, samt för att påvisa materialbesparingar och rena energibesparingar i produktion vid användning av 3D-iExtrusion® i relation till konventionella tillverkningsmetoder.

"Våra kunder och marknaden efterfrågar nya sätt och lösningar för att möta krav med avseende på designfrihet samt kostnads- och energieffektiv massproduktion. Stödet från Energimyndigheten möjliggör att vi ytterligare kan påvisa och verifiera just dessa möjligheter och värden som vår 3D-teknik ger, inte minst ur produktivitets och energiperspektiv", säger Mikael Eklund, vd på Reliefed.

and in Swedish:

RVN has acquired 3.3% of the Solar Installation Company, Soliga Energi AB.

RVN has acquired 3.3% of Soliga Energi AB. The company operates in the solar sector from its base in Karlstad, western Sweden. Soliga Energi AB offers installation of turnkey production units for solar electricity. The customers are both corporate and domestic customers, and the systems are offered on direct sale or for for leasing. The company originates from the Glava solar power plant in Värmland, and also have connections to the strong Norwegian solar industry. After having operating only one year, several successful projects have already been completed. We see good opportunities that Soliga will take a huge part of the rapidly growing market for photovoltaics in Sweden.


RVN har förvärvat 3,3% av Soliga Energi A. Bolaget verkar inom solenergisektorn och är baserat i Karlstad. Soliga Energi AB erbjuder installation av nyckelfärdig solel till såväl företags- som hushållskunder, antingen via leasing eller direktköp. Bolaget har sitt ursprung i från Glava solcellsfabrik i Arvika, och har därmed även kopplingar till den starka norska solindustrimiljön. Efter ett knappt års verksamhet har man redan ett flertal genomförda projekt och vi ser goda möjligheter att de kommer ta för sig en rejäl bit av den kraftigt växande solcellsmarknaden i Sverige.

RVN invests in Ecoetanol AB -Peas On Earth

We are investing in Etanol at Sweden AB. The company manufactures patented production equipment for processing leguminous plant through so-called wet threshing. The output is primarily ethanol and protein for replacing soy bean source protein.

RVN har i veckan investerat i ett nytt spännande bolag, Ecoetanol AB. Bolaget tillhandahåller en patenterad produktionsutrustning för att processa baljväxter, främst åkerböna, genom så kallad våt-tröskning. Som slutprodukt erhålls framför allt protein, där Sverige idag importerar stora mängder från soja men med den nya metoden kan ha potential att bli självförsörjande. Metoden ger också etanol, koldioxid och djurfoder. Andra fördelar är att bonden kan skörda tidigare, vilket ger utrymme för höstsådd av vete samt större skörd pga växtföljden.  Se mer information på


RVN portfolio company signs agreement with Bzzt Podtaxi

RVN Portfolio company Mindconnect helps Bzzt become smartest in town

Mindconnect, together with Bzzt, has signed a collaboration agreement that will make Bzzt faster and more efficient. The agreement will allow more trips with a faster pick up and shorter travel time for the customers. At the same time they are using the city’s limited space in a better way.

Best possible route every day

In addition to keeping track of traffic flow in cities, Mindconnect offers tailored map and navigation services that are easy to adapt to local needs and the trend towards smart cities. Bzzt is an exciting customer from this perspective. The taxi pods are powered by electricity and require, for example, travel times that take into account the maximum speed of 45 km/h.

“As we grow, the need to become even smarter increases the way we use the fleet. Cooperation with Mindconnect will provide us with better route planning and make us both faster and more efficient in the Stockholm traffic. It will benefit both customers and the city”, says Sven Wolf, CEO at Bzzt.

“Bzzt is a dream customer for us. Bzzt has all components of the future’s environmentally-friendly transportation and requires configurable maps and vehicle-specific services. With our CityFlow technology platform, we have the unique opportunity to meet the requirements today, in order for Bzzt to be able to guide their fleet in an optimal way. Together we further develop our businesses”, says Jonas Bohman, CEO at Mindconnect.

Mindconnect ska hjälpa Bzzt att bli smartast i stan

Mindconnect och Bzzt har tecknat avtal om samarbete som ska göra Bzzt snabbare och effektivare. Så att Bzzt kan köra ännu fler resor, hämta upp och köra kunder snabbare, och använda stadens begränsade utrymme på ett bättre sätt.

Bästa möjliga rutt varje dag

Förutom att hålla koll på hur fordonstrafiken flyter i städer, erbjuder Mindconnect skräddarsydda kart- och navigationstjänster som är enkla att anpassa till lokala behov och utvecklingen mot smarta städer. Bzzt är en spännande kund ur detta perspektiv. Taxi-podarna är eldrivna och behöver till exempel få restider som tar hänsyn till max hastigheten 45km/tim.

”I takt med att vi växer ökar behovet av att bli ännu smartare med hur vi använder fordonsflottan. Samarbetet med Mindconnect kommer att ge oss bättre ruttplanering och göra oss både snabbare och mer effektiva i Stockholmstrafiken. Det vinner både kunderna och staden på”, säger Sven Wolf på Bzzt.

“Bzzt är en drömkund för oss. Bzzt har alla komponenter av framtidens miljöriktiga transporter och behöver konfigurerbara kartor och fordonsspecifika tjänster. Med vår teknikplattform CityFlow besitter vi den unika möjligheten att tillgodose det behovet idag, för att Bzzt skall kunna guida sin fordonsflotta optimalt. Tillsammans vidareutvecklar vi varandras affärer”, säger Jonas Bohman på Mindconnect.



RVN in pod cast

Listen to RVN CEO Johan Lundin appearing in the October issue of Aktiespararnas Pod-cast (in Swedish). Lyssna på RVNs VD Johan Lundin i Aktiespararnas podcast.


Extra General Assembly

The board calls all shareholders for an extra general assembly to be held at November 20th, 4 PM, at SUP46, Regeringsgatan 65. Stockholm. The full announcement is under located under the Press Releases tab. 

Styrelsen kallar aktieägarna till en extra bolagsstämma, som ska hållas den 20 november kl 16.00, på SUP46, Regeringsgatan 65, Stockholm. Den fullständiga kallelsen finns länkad under fliken Press Releases.

New orders for GreenCharge Infra

News from RVN's portfolio company GreenCharge Infra AB

The company has entered new agreements with Ljungby and Ronneby municipalities, and will supply their management tools and payment solutions for charging electric vehicles.

GC Infra will also develop a new app to the information campaign Tanka Grönt (Green Fuel), in cooperation with TRB ( and Miljöfordon Sweden. This will be a tool for helping to locate environmentally friendly fuels for specific vehicles. The project starts in Blekinge County with the aim set for the rest of Sweden. See also



Nyheter Från RVNs portföljbolag GreenCharge Infra AB

Bolaget har har fått nya avtal med Ljungby och Ronneby kommuner, och kommer att leverera sina administrationsverktyg och betalningslösning för laddning av elbilar med mobil-App.

GC Infra ska även utveckla en ny app till informationskampanjen Tanka Grönt.  I samverkan med TRB ( och Miljöfordon Sverige bygger GC Infra ett verktyg för att hitta miljövänliga alternativ till just det egna fordonet. Projektet startar i Blekinge med siktet inställt på resten av landet. Se även

New CEO for Arsizio

RVN portfolio company Arsizio have recruited Mikael Eklund for the position as CEO, starting from September 1. Mikael Eklund comes from the position as Sales Director at Semcon, a leading Engineering Consultancy with focus on industrial production including the automotive industry.

Mindconnect expanding sales of new unique solution for events management

RVN portfolio company Mindconnect announces sales expansions in Europe and Australia for their new product Eventico. Eventico puts event organizers in control of their large events, and enables controlled well-planned and safe events, for participants, volunteers and spectators. Communication towards inhabitants and coordination with different authorities is facilitated. During the summer of 2017 Eventico was successfully applied in collaboration with NCC for race events such Velothon bicycle and the ITU World Triathlon in Stockholm.

RVN aquires a stake in Arsizio

RVN have during the summer acquired 2.8% of the company Arsizio, a promising company founded 2002 and based in Varberg, on the Swedish west coast. The company offers an innovative and efficient method for producing various components, primarily intended for the automotive industry. The so-called dynamic 3D-extrusion method is globally patented and provides major savings in terms of lower consumption of material and energy, lower weight, better heat transfer, and lower production costs. The method works for many materials, such as aluminium, magnesium, plastic, rubber, TPE, composite and ceramics. Arsizio have several customers, of which Thule should be the most well known. Arsizio's plan is to achieve positive cash flow in 2018, with strong growth the coming years.  RVN's initial investment gives us a 2.8% share of Arsizio, and we plan to increase this share in an upcoming investment round. Arsizios web page is found at

RVN Announces Rigths Issue

The board of RVN decided to offer new shares in order to further capitalize the company. The new capital will be used to continue investing in our current portfolio and/or in new companies according to the opportunities. The rights issue is for up to a maximum of SEK 3.52 million. Renewable Venture Nordic (publ), terms and conditions:  Four (4) existing shares give one (1) subscription right. One (1) subscription right is required to subscribe one (1) unit. One (1) unit consists of two (2) shares (at SEK 1.60), and one (1) gratuitous subscription warrant (the warrant issue is conditional on decision at a general assembly meeting). Price: SEK 3.20 per unit. The Subscription is open from September 10-28th. See Press Releases page for further details.