Johan Lundin, 1976, CEO and Member of the Board

Elected 2016. Civil Engineer in Energy, Environment and Economics. He worked for the Swedish EPA, have also extensive experience from startups in the Cleantech sector, and is the founder of the investment company Energiriket AB. He is currently involved with research on energy systems at Uppsala University.

Number of shares (direct and indirect):
308 010 st

Thomas Liljedahl, 1960, Chairman of the Board

Elected 2010/11. BSc in Geology from Uppsala University, MSc Chalmers University of Technology and a recent Mini MBA from Probana Business School. He has been engaged in the oil industry since 1985, coordinated environmental research projects for Umeå University, and worked as an environmental consultant.

Number of shares (direct and indirect):
582 365 st

Pelle Pettersson, 1960, Member of the Board

Elected 2016. He has a MSc in Economics, from Gothenburg School of Economics and a Master of the Sea from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. He was formerly the Manager of Greenpeace, Sweden, and has also been department manager at the Linné University, as well as consultant in training, management and environmental issues. His current assigment is as Master for the Port of Karlskrona.

Number of shares (direct and indirect):
53 693 st

Carola Eriksson, 1942, Member of the Board

Elected 2017. She has a long experience from economy, marketing and advertising including filmmaking, and also worked as savings and fund advisor in banking. She was for many years assigned as Chairman for Aktiespararna Siljansbygden (Swedish Shareholders Association).  She is the founder and director of Per Holger Film AB.

Number of shares (direct and indirect):
471 267 st

Jonas Helgesson, 1978, Member of the Board

Elected 2012. He holds a Master of Science in Business and Economics from Stockholm University, with studies from Blekinge University of Technology och Linné University, and is the founder, MD and board member of SVTB Holding AB.

Number of shares (direct and indirect):
802 852 st

Lars Österlund, Advisory Board

Advisory Board: Lars Österlund, professor, Ångström laboratory, Uppsala University. Lars is Professor in Solid State Physics with specialization in Environmental Science and Technology.

Number of shares (direct and indirect):
75 000 st

Christian Sörlie Ekström, Advisory Board

Christian Sörlie Ekström,  M. Sc., B. Sc.  Phychology. Christian has extensive experience of business management and -analysis, and have had many executive roles among them as CEO for a listed company. He is also a published author and an active member of Greenpeace. Appointed 2017.

Number of shares (direct and indirect): 2 000 st